In the MANAGE section of the school admin area, School Owners can modify the site theme, manage custom domains, set Navigation, add Instructors, add Pages and much more.



The following are tools and their functionality inside the MANAGE section of the School Admin Area.

  • THEME   -    Adjust your homepage background image by adding a custom logo or favicon, Control the font used throughout your school, Choose from the preset color palettes or customize the colors across the school.
  • DOMAINS   -    Connect a custom root domain to your school,  Add a Sub-Domain to your School.
  • NAVIGATION   -    Set a different homepage and modify both the navigation bar and footer menus.
  • SOCIAL PREVIEW       Manage all your Social previews Settings.
  • INSTRUCTOR    -   The instructor can be uniquely linked to an Author’s account. These instructors are used to showcase information about the author.
  • PAGES    -    Use the page editor, the different types of page blocks available,  add new pages and manage your page settings and publish or unpublish directly.
  • COMMENTS   -    View all the Comments made in your Courses and also the Comments awaiting owner approval to display on courses.
  • CUSTOM TEXT   -    Modify the default text on buttons, navigation links, notifications, etc. that appear throughout your school.
  • CODE SNIPPET   -    Make advanced customizations using custom CSS and code snippets.
  • CUSTOM HTML    -    Use the editor, write anything you want about course or about yourself which will be shown on the sales page of School/Course. It basically gives you extra space on the sales page.