This article outlines the tools available in the Dashboard of the school admin area. The school Dashboard aggregates data from your entire school and displays the data in figures. The Dashboard will automatically display once you’ve completed onboarding.



The Dashboard mentions the figure which allows school owners to better understand how their online school is performing. School owners can access total revenue, a live feed of student activity, and can access short-cut to new school creation too.

To access your school's Dashboard, log-in to your Coachzippy account. The Dashboard will automatically display once you are logged in.




  • Total Revenue -  Total revenue ( In USD ) generated by the School Admin.
  • Opt-in Last 30 Days- Total leads captured by Auto-responder showing interest in your Courses in the last 30days.
  • Sales Last 30 Days-  Total sales made by enrolling students for paid Courses in the last 30days.
  • Comments Last 30 Days -  Total Comments received from the Students side, throughout your Site in the last 30 days.
  • Students Last 30 Days - Total Students enrolled for your Courses in the last 30days.
  • Short- Cut to new School creation Section -  From here you can have access to new school creation from the dashboard itself.
  • Menus- Menus have all your pre-created websites, App integration section, Domain integration section and list of leads captured by Autoresponder.
  • Tutorials - Here you will find all the tutorials for Coachzippy.
  • Wallet -  Contains all the Transaction details and Revenue updates you receive as a commission being an affiliate.
  • Notifications - All the notifications you need to receive while running an online Website will be found here. 
  • Language Setting Section - Coachzippy allows you to operate its functionality in Multiple Languages, you are free to choose the language of your choice from this section.
  • My Schools - With a click on this, you will be taken to the list of all the websites you have created earlier.
  • Account Settings - This section is the most important part of the Dashboard which allows you to edit your profile details, manage Coachzippy Billing, Lets you view your activity as an affiliate and much more.

The gif below will take you to all the tools mentioned above one-by-one, one after another in sequence written above.