Create Multiple Times Running Webinars

Step1: Login to Everzippy.

Step2: As soon as your login, you see "+" icon reading 'Create new webinars'.Click on it.

Step3: Enter 

Step4:  If you want to make your sessions run on a particular date and at a particular time on that date, choose 'Multiple Times'

Step5: Set the date and time at which you want to run your webinar.

Step6: Click on, 'Add More time' to schedule your second webinar, and choose its date and time. Similarly, you can add more time to schedule your third webinar and so on.

Step7: In case you want to reschedule your webinar and postpone the same, you are free to delete/ edit the webinar dates and timing. Just click on the bin icon and the schedule will be deleted.

Step8: Choose the maximum number of upcoming sessions that should be shown to your attendees.

Step9: Click on, 'Save Now'