Drip your Course Content


The drips content management system will preserve your courses as per a pre-set schedule. Your users can watch the content in periodic proportions to maintain member retention and avoid binge access. They will not be able to watch the entire course at once.

Step1: Choose the Course to which you want to implement a drip feed system.

Step2: Choose 'DRIP' from the toolbar at the left corner of your page.

Step3: From here, you can either set your Course feed to be: date and time and after a set

Periodically -  You can release your Course Content periodically from a set period of interval you choose.

Day Wise  -  You can release your Course Content Day- wise, from the set date, time, and time- zone.

Mark as Complete - You can release all your Course Content all together to your students with full access

Step4: After you choose the feed type, fill the asked details.

Step5: Click 'SAVE'