Create/ Edit Pages


Site pages appear to anyone who visits your site's pages. The preset Site pages are the Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. You can also add custom pages in this area.


To learn about the customization of the pages that appear in your school, follow the steps below:

Step1: With a click, select the school for which you want to Create or Edit pages.

Step2: As soon as you select the school, a toolbar will appear at the left corner of your screen. Select 'MANAGE' ------>'PAGES'


Create a New Page:

Step3:  Click on '' reading 'New Page'

Step4: Add a Page Title, Page Slug and Page description to your page.

Step5: Switch the toggle buttons to enable or disable the features mentioned by each of those,

and then click 'CREATE PAGE'



Edit/Delete the Pages:

Step6: Click on the pencil tool reading 'Edit' against the page you want to edit/ Click on the bin icon against the page you want to delete.

Step7: Edit/Delete whatever you wanted to and then click on 'UPDATE PAGE'