Create New Subscriber List

Step 1: Log in to your Firelist account and click on the Subscriber's tab from the left panel. Follow the image for your reference.

Step 2: Give a name to the Email List and description. Select the type for Email List creation.



 *Import From a File: This option will help you to import contacts from an excel CSV file. You can tag the values according to the content of the file.

 *Copy and Paste: With this option, you can add emails to your Subscribers list by separating the email ids with commas. Follow the mentioned screenshot for reference.

* Manually Add One By One: In this option, you can enter the details of a subscriber and add his details to your list. Enter the relevant details and click on Save Contact.

Step 3: After selecting the type of Create Contact option you will be redirected to the next page to enter the details of your organization. Enter all the details including the Sender's name and click on Save and Next.

Step 4: On the next page you will receive the Double opt-in settings and the confirmation email configuration. You can enable and disable the double opt-in according to your requirement.
Note: If you have enabled the double opt-in for the email list, the subscriber will receive an email to approve the request for receiving email from your account and the delivery status will reflect pending until he approves the request.

You can enable or disable the Double Opt-in option using the toggle and customize the email text as shown in the below image. 

On the next page, you can enter the subscriber's details according to the option you have selected in Step 2. Click on Save contact and your subscribers will be added to the list.