Custom Domain Integration

Step1: Click on the '+' icon to create a new funnel.

Step2: Choose the type of funnel you want to create and press 'NEXT'

Step3: Enter the details asked and also connect the subdomain writing in the column as indicated in the image below and then press 'NEXT'


1. Go to the 'Settings/Stats' tool of the funnel as indicated in the image below.

2. Here you are free to edit the pre-stored details of your webinar. Edit the details you want to and then click ' Update Settings'

With this Sub-Domain name will be changed for your funnel.

Connect Sub-Domain to your Domain

1. Go the 'MENU' tool as indicated in the image below.

2. Go to 'My Domains'

3. Click on the 'Eye' icon reading Edit against the Sub-Domain with which you want to connect your Domain.

4. Enter the Domain name and click 'SAVE DOMAIN'

5. The domain will be added to your sub-domain as indicated below.