Add Lectures to your Course Section


In a Coachzippy Course, content is divided into sections and lectures. Learn how to add lectures to Sections in your Coachzippy Courses.


Follow the steps below to add a new Lecture to your Course Section: 

Step1:  As soon as you log in to Coachzippy, select 'My Websites' at the left corner of your page.

Step2: Select the school to which you want to add the new Lecture.

Step3: From the toolbar at the left corner, select ' COURSES '   -------> 'CURRICULUM', where you will get the list of all your Course Sections.


Step4: Select the '+' icon reading 'ADD NEW LECTURE' against the Section to which you want to add the Lecture.


Step5: Fill the Lecture details and then click on 'CREATE NEW LECTURE'