Manage User Controls on your Webinar

Step 1: Log in to your HQWeninar Dashboard and click on the join webinar that you want to access.

Step 2: Click on the Gear Icon and you will get options to Manage the user controls for your Webinar.

Clear all the Status Icon:  This one will help you to remove all the Status Icons from your Webinar Screen.
Mute All Users: With this button, you can mute and unmute all the attendees including you in your Webinar. Note: all the users will remain muted by default when joined in a webinar except the presenter. 

Mute All Users except presenter:  To mute all the attendees except the presenter.
Save User Names: This will help you to save all the User names in a text file sorted with the First as well as Last Name. 

Lock Viewers: With this tab, you will be able to lock the below controls for the attendees.

Guest Policy: Here you can manage the meeting's guest policy settings.

Break Out Rooms: This feature will help you to divide the meeting's attendees into smaller groups and separate rooms.


Write Closed Captions: Using this option will help you to add captions to your Webinar.